Hot blonde stud Brian Jovovich’s hole double penetrated by hottie young hunks Andrei Karenin and Roald Ekberg

Belami says: The three ripped young hotties, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich, and Roald Ekberg are in the kitchen discussing their breakfast bodybuilding training food options.

The shirtless guys start making out, kissing each other passionately whilst jerking each other’s already fully erect uncut cocks.

Brian gets down on his knees and takes it in turn sucking first Andrei’s massive thick uncut dick then swapping to deep throat Roald’s raging hard-on.

The guys swap positions with Brian lifting his left leg onto the countertop while Roald gets his tongue deep between Brian’s smooth ass cheeks and find his moist warm hole.

As Roald rims Brian’s asshole, Andrei blows Brian’s thick uncut dick.

Now with Brian bending over further, Roald forces his huge erection into Brian’s hot hole until his balls are bouncing off his ass.

Roald then pulls back until the tip of his dick is only just inside Brian’s hole before sliding all the way back in.

He keeps up this bareback power fucking whilst grabbing ahold of Brian’s waist with both hands.

Brian just loves the feeling of Roald’s huge cock moving inside him, he can sense every inch in and out, in and out, bringing him close to orgasm a number of times.

Luckily Brian is an experienced bottom and knows how to control himself, softening and then hardening his ass muscles until his top is ready to shoot.

Roald then switches places with Andrei who lies flat on the floor with Brian hovering over his solid erect cock until his hole is filled.

Andrei fucks Brian’s ass with a long rhythmic pump action as Roald gets his dick blown by Brian.

They keep this hardcore bare fucking up until Andrei can hold off no longer and he pulls out and blows his load all over Brian’s hole.

Seeing Andrei orgasm sends both the other dudes over the edge and their cocks stream with ropes of jizz.

The sexy boys lean in for a cummy kiss.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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