Top 100 world's sexiest naked muscle men at Legend Men (51-60)


Top 100 world’s sexiest naked muscle men at Legend Men (51-60)

Legend Men says: After a short break to let the olympics sink in, we are back with day 6 of our countdown of the top 100 sexiest muscle men in the world. I hope your country is managing to hold it’s own at London 2012, all those gorgeous sportsmen make a guy horny to the extreme.

Here these hot men are up for your inspection. All of them are sure to be gold medal winners they just have to dispense with their gym kit. I think you will agree these boys are winners in and out of their kit. I myself prefer them with little clothing just before they get naked.

So much tension builds up just before a guy drops his shorts to his ankles. Don’t forget each of the muscle studs featured here has an exclusive video as well as loads of pictures. Of which this is just a sexy sampler.



So have you got any personal favorites so far, I already have quite a list coming along. I promise we got plenty more stunning muscle men to come. Each day this week another 10 of the hot Legend Men. Enjoy and if you are worried about missing the full 100 of the world’s sexiest naked men then be sure to subscribe (for ways to do that hit the Subscribe button on the left hand side of the screen). Details are also available at the bottom of this page, so keep heading down.






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