Boston Miles and Travis Irons

Cocksure Men says: We turned on the cameras and boom. Boston Miles and Travis Irons are going at each other. The two studs hardly notice us. They are fixated on one another’s tight bodies and tasty cocks.

Boston and Travis can’t get enough of sucking each other. They take turns swallowing each others long dicks. Boston wants more, so Travis gets on his knees and arches his ass high in the air.

Boston Miles buries his face and tongue as far in Travis’ hole as he can. Boston slaps and teases Travis Irons with his cock before finally giving in and easing his dick inside Travis’ ass.

Travis moans loudly, letting Boston know just how good it feels having his big dick in his asshole. Boston continues to pump away while Travis strokes his cock.

Travis squeezes out a creamy load onto his abs which Boston Miles licks up and then feeds to Travis. Boston leans back on the couch and Travis Irons gets down for a tasty facial! The guys kiss as we quietly put the camera away. Get Boston Miles and Travis Irons video at Cocksure Men!


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