Island Studs Adam, Island Studs Jeffrey

Island Studs says: Hot young American boys Adam and Jeffrey strip nude lying wanking next to each other.
Two of our most well-liked Filthy Farm Boys come out as gay just in time for our Hawaiin celebrations on “Adam Jerkin’ Jeffrey!” Bisexual Twink Super Cute Tall 10 inch Monster Cock Adam’s returned. mouth watering jerking The most recent episode of the well-known “Jerkin’ Bros Series” features Beer Can Cock Jeffery performing Full Contact Jerk Off Duo Action for the very first time on camera! Watch as these two hot twins, both wearing tight, sexy underwear that can hardly contain their erect, thick cocks, flex, pose, skinny dip, and hug each other. They get down and dirty for a hot, sweaty nudist garden boy work session, getting down and dirty while repeatedly bending over displaying their perfectly pink boy. They strip fully nude with their huge boners bouncing as they strip, embracing again fully nude, and stroking their cocks together. Then, horny Adam grabs Jeffrey’s fat cum fulled cock while it leaks jizz with one hand while he jerks in 10 inch Anacond Excitedly, Adam strokes Jeffrey again while they are submerged, then they relax naked side by side while Adam strokes their full, bushy throbbing cocks. Adam, once more, unable to keep his hands off Jeffrey, takes control of his friend’s thick throbber, forcing them both to explode in fountains of cum, walk to the shower while dripping sperm, and then take a second shower “boner scene” to clean up all their sticky goo. Adam and Jeffrey are both enormous scumbags!

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